In-Person Consulting

The GMN Consulting goal is to make the principles taught during the coaching and mentorship a permanent part of the office culture. The way we do this, and, frankly, the main differentiator between our program and others, is the team accountability training. Most, if not all, improvement in a dental office centers on changing behavior. To successfully accomplish this, we need to create buy-in and accountability from each team member.

Through our “hands on” approach we are able to establish that trust with the teams we coach to accomplish this. It is thorough the formation of these relationships and the accountability training that we are able to produce lasting change.

Alignment to Common Purpose

Foundational to the success of any consulting program is the ability to create alignment, and focus on a common purpose.

Training the team around a common purpose in combination with creating accountability, allows us to execute the strategies we train throughout the year. GMN Consulting’s initial focus is customer service and the “patient experience.” Over 60% of patients leave their dentist due to a poor patient experience. Patients cannot measure the quality of the dental work, but they can easily evaluate the quality of the service or experience. Patient experience is one of the key drivers to growth.

New patients will search out Google reviews before making a final decision on which dentist to see. Existing patients are more likely to refer new patients. When a patient receives great care, everyone wins; patients accept treatment plans, the office is financially successful, and the team is rewarded, emotionally and financially. Team alignment leads to an office culture that, overtime, incorporates the initial training on patient experience, and all of the subsequent trainings, into the fabric of the practice.

Create Accountability

Paramount to the execution of all the GMN Consulting training, is the creation of accountability around the key components of the training.

Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with the expectation of a different result. If we are going to improve the office, it will require change. There are two types of change: stoke of the pen & behavioral.

The majority of change in a dental office requires a change in behavior at the level of the individual team member. It is one thing to align the team to a common purpose – it is another to execute.

GMN Consulting uses the principles found in the book “The 4 Disciplines of Execution,” by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling, to create accountability and execution. It is a required read for all clients and their teams. The book breaks accountability and execution down into four major disciplines:

Discipline 1

Focus on the Wildly Important

Discipline 2

Act on Lead Measures

Discipline 3

Keep a Compelling Score Card

Discipline 4

Create Cadence of Accountability

The ability of the doctor and office leaders to incorporate this system of accountability and execution is one of the key determinants in their growth.

Provide In-Office Training

GMN Consulting provides in-office training:

Team Alignment & Accountability

Initial program- key driver of training is “patient experience.”  Through this initial training we teach the team how to create focus, alignment and accountability around the key drivers.  This training is fundamental to the success and execution of all subsequent trainings.

Office Efficiency

Involves working directly with office teams to create systems and processes in both the clinical area and administrative area to become more efficient and better managers of their time.

Case Presentation and Acceptance

Working with providers and team members to create urgency.  Training involves improvement of communication skills, usage of visual aids, intra oral camera, and appropriate team handoffs.

Profitable Hygiene Program

Working with providers (doctors and hygienists), we create a “playbook” on how we will treat periodontal disease.  Training starts with the classification of periodontal disease in accordance with the American Association of Periodontology based on pocket measurements and soft tissue condition.  We then work with the team to develop a set of treatment protocols based on the disease classification.

Financial arrangements

Working with all team members to develop a system and process for presenting treatment plans, memorializing financial arrangements, and insurance billing processes.  Training developed to move away from itemized treatment plans and emphasizing the savings vs cost.


Leadership training for key team members.  Focus of training is to develop key team members to execute on strategies post consulting engagement.

Hands On Approach

GMN Consulting takes a “hands on” approach.

We feel the success and the differences in our program is our presence in the back and at the front desk during the monthly visits.   The formation of these relationships allows us to facilitate the change needed with the team.  We are asking team members to make changes in how they approach and interact with patients; it is critical they know we believe in them and support them.  If we do not have the team’s full buy-in to the approach and trainings, success will be limited.

Office Visit


  1. Morning huddle –  team to report out on the implementation of the last training, and results
  2. Morning – spent in back and front office with teams to verify last training has been implemented and executed, and assist teams on any obstacles preventing implementation
  3. Lunch meeting – introduction of new training or reinforcement of previous training based on morning findings
  4. Afternoon – spent in back and front office implementing training

Weekly Cadence between Visits

  1. Weekly calls with office manager and doctor to discuss progress, review metrics, and address any office issues