Gena Neill

Managing Director, GMN Consulting

Gena has been working in dentistry for over 34 years. Starting out as a dental assistant, she became acquainted with the clinical side of the industry. Over time, she developed skills in administration and team management. She founded her own consulting business in 2016 based on the “Four Pillars of Success”.

Because of her vast knowledge and experience in dentistry, Gena is able to empathize with each member of your team – from the dentist and hygienist to the assistant and administrative staff. She also relates to patients and demonstrates how your team can meet and exceed their patient’s expectation.

Driven and ambitious, Gena believes that positivity goes a long way. She incorporates this philosophy into her team building and cross training exercises. By encouraging your staff to think and move as a team, she can help your practice succeed and grow exponentially.

When Gena is not working, you can find her traveling and spending time with her family in Pennsylvania. She also devotes her time and energy to important causes such as the March of Dimes and suicide awareness.

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Four Pillars of Success

Create a team aligned to common purpose;
"The Patient Experience"

  • Impossible to be a team if not aligned to a common purpose

  • Patients cannot measure the quality of the dentistry but they can measure the quality of the relationship

  • High level of “patient experience” leads to financial success for the office and the team

Create accountability

  • Behavioral changes needed to improve the “patient experience”, have to be made by individual team member

  • System of Accountability placed in office, structurally based on the “Four Disciplines of Execution”

  • Establishing accountability critical to office success

Provide In-office training

  • Accountability Training

  • Office Manager Leadership

  • Case Presentation and Acceptance – Creating Urgency

  • Profitable Hygiene Program

  • Office efficiency through implementation of systems and processes in both clinical and non clinical areas

“Hands On” approach with the office teams

  • In-office visits working with the teams in both front and back to help implement the system

  • GMN Consulting focuses on establishing relationship with the team member