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Gena Neill

Managing Director, GMN Consulting

Gena has been working in dentistry for over 34 years. Starting out as a dental assistant, she became acquainted with the clinical side of the industry. Over time, she developed skills in administration and team management. She founded her own consulting business in 2016 based on the “Four Pillars of Success”.

Because of her vast knowledge and experience in dentistry, Gena is able to empathize with each member of your team – from the dentist and hygienist to the assistant and administrative staff. She also relates to patients and demonstrates how your team can meet and exceed their patient’s expectation.


It is with utmost pleasure that I provide my recommendation for Gena Neill in your practice. As an associate dentist, I have worked in multiple practices that lacked the leadership and professionalism that Gena provides daily. Immediately after her addition to the practice, she was able to generate efficiency and teamwork that was previously missing. This was achieved through clear and precise implementation of her plans to the staff.

Gena has the innate ability to increase your production and grow your practice. Years of experience has allowed her to generate a consistently booked schedule immediately. At no point working with her did I have any downtime in my schedule. Her ability to generate personal relationships provides a trust that is often lacking in dentistry. She has refined her ability to present both simple and complex cases in a way that emphasizes its value. Never did any of my patients feel like they were being “sold” treatment. Instead they were left motivated to increase their oral health.

Most importantly, Gena has the mental fortitude to overcome any obstacles that lay before her. In our office, Gena was faced with an immeasurable amount of pressure, yet she stuck to her core values and proved her resilience and skill as a consultant. Gena led by example and worked outside of office hours to generate an environment where all could reach their highest potential. Her focus allowed for the formation of a united front that could allow a successful and prospering office. Her personal strengths are inspiring to all of those around her.

Jonathan Browning DMDJune 3, 2019

I have known Gena for the past five years and have employed her consulting company for specific projects over that period of time. I would recommend her services to any dental practice looking to take their office to the next level.

Gena’s strengths are in case presentation and building customer service based practices. She understands the importance of building patient relationships based on trust and service. Gena’s background as a dental assistant, office manager and consultant gives her a broad set of dental skills. She has extensive knowledge in both clinical and non clinical operations, and is an expert in dental insurance. She has a strong work ethic and is able to integrate into the dental team and facilitate change.

Donald A Gallo, DMDJune 9, 2019

My name is Rebecca Perschon, DMD, and I am a general dentist that practices in Philadelphia, PA. I have been working with Gena Neill for the past few months at Dental Comfort Zone. I am writing this letter of recommendation for Gena as I feel she is a talented dental consultant that offers a strong work ethic and several years of experience in the dental field helping practices increase their production. She has implemented various systems at the dental office to improve efficiency and the overall patient experience. She always comes to work with a positive attitude and is always ready to confront challenges. The solutions that Gena has to improve office dynamics and work flow have helped Dental Comfort Zone grow since I started with the practice in January.

Rebecca Perschon, DMDMarch 6, 2019

Gena coached the staff at Bensalem Dental Comfort Zone and got the best from each and every one of them in terms of job performance. She also educated the staff about best practices, organizational changes and development of new strategies.Gena is enthusiastic, diligent and dedicated. I believe Gena is the person who can make a difference in any dental office.

Dr. Umme K. HafeezAugust 9, 2019

In the short time that I have known Gena, she is dedicated and passionate about her work. Gena has a keen understanding of all the different roles on a dental team. She is able to identify gaps in efficiencies and come up with solutions that will improve every day processes.

If you are ready to take you watch her practice to the next level, Gena can be a great asset in that journey.

Dr. BaxiMarch 4, 2019

I offer my perspective and utmost recommendation for the professional practice services of Gena Neill. For over 30 years Gena has continuously created outstanding outcomes for a variety of practices including my own. I struggled with creating a winning formula in a “provider overloaded” Bucks County local, and with her counseling and help transformed my practice to a one of kind research facility generating multi million dollar gross revenues per year and with an average of 75% net income over 13 years. Gena helped me become a “1 of 1” Professional known around the country and in the largest dental and consumer companies…. and NOT merely the “best of the rest” …much as she has become the “1 of 1 expert” personally in her practice performance consultancy.

Her ability to see the important nexus between dental professionals and their staff in raising the bar on gaining and follow through on patient commitments to high value cases is proven and on point. After all, if you are committed to your practice and self actualization in being that special provider you know you are…a great coach is needed to deliver your inner performance. Gena is that coach.

Take the opportunity to transform your future. Ask Gena to meet with your staff and listen carefully to her advice. This might be the most important decision you may ever make.

Gena’s hand’s on and technical approach is proven and well researched. And as someone who has researched many different approaches, I am intrigued with her continuously improved potential having seen many practice improvement coaches in my career.

She is simply the best!

David A Hamlin DMDJuly 14, 2018

Our Program

In-Person Consulting

The GMN Consulting goal is to make the principles taught during the coaching and mentorship a permanent part of the office culture. The way we do this, and, frankly, the main differentiator between our program and others, is the team accountability training. Most, if not all, improvement in a dental office centers on changing behavior. To successfully accomplish this, we need to create buy-in and accountability from each team member.

Through our “hands on” approach we are able to establish that trust with the teams we coach to accomplish this. It is thorough the formation of these relationships and the accountability training that we are able to produce lasting change.

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